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Our technologies harvest surplus heat or geothermal heat and convert it to electricity or store heat and cold in ground for later use.

Surplus heat to electricity

Surplus heat from process industries can be refines to electricity with ORC 2.0.

Enhanced Geothermal System

Geothermal heat is energy solution for mankinds survival, Distributed, Safe, Weather independent, Proven Technology, No Waste, No environmental Impact.

Waste heat to useful electricity

Large combustions engines have more >50% waste heat. With ORC 2.0 you can increase useful output with up to 10%.

Airport runaway

Cooling during summer and heating during winter reduce maintenance and increase availability.

Reduce energy consumption

Store the summers heat in Hydrock for use during winter.

De-icing of roads and bridges

Stored summers heat in Hydrock reduces winter traffic accidents .

Green lawns during winter

Play football during winter on lawn heated by summer heat from Hydrock.

District heating balancing

Utilize the Hydrock thermal storage system to transfer low cost summer energy to high valued winter energy.


In our portfolio we have own developed technologies but these are often combined with external for best perfomance.

Electricity from heat

ORC 2.0 and intelligent heat source adaption

ECTs multi-pressure pump and turbine system increase output and reduce cost. The self-learning, AI, control system countinously analyses the heat source to optimize the ORC 2.0 process and maximize the output.

Suitable temperature interval is 60-200 °C

Suitable size of systems are 0,3-5 MW electricity.

Typical areas of use are: 

  • Process industries (up to 50% heat wasted)
  • Large combustions engines (more than 50% waste heat)
  • Geothermal electrical generation

A well designed system with a heat source of 100 °C generates 10% electrical output.

The man behind the system and methodology is the famous Swedish inventor, Arne Jonsson, also named “Pump-Arne”. He has been working as a specialist for many different industries from submarines to space shuttles.

To be able to optimize the mechanical work output from a heat source you need to:

  1. Understand the heat source. If you don´t understand it and a have a methodology you can´t design a well performing system.
  2. Have a well designed ORC system that continuosly matches the heat source and and maximize the output.

Seasonal storage of heat & cold


The Hydroc thermal storage technology (patent pending) enables short and long-term storage of surplus heat and cold in solid rock.

Typical system sizes are 1-200 GWh of heat storage with a load/un-load power of between 0,3 to 500 MW.

Hydroc thermal energy storage system is cost efficient with short load and unload cycles compared to traditional systems such as bore holes. The large surface in the system gives the high system power.

Hydroc works with or without heat-pumps.

Typically areas of use are:

  • Seasonal balancing for local or district heating/cooling systems
  • Outdoor sport arenas
  • Airport seasonal cooling and heating
  • Roads and bridges (de-icing during winter)


Energy from inside the earth!

Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) collect energy from the earth core by holes drilled to several kilometers depth to get hot water (100-200 °C). The hot water is then directly used in district heating systems or to produce electricity (or both).

Improved drilling technologies in combination with developed systems to convert heat to electricity (ORC 2.0) gives mankind an opportunity to harvest long-term stable and secure energy around the globe.

WMO climate statement:
-past 4 years warmest on record

More and more warning bells rings about the climate change. Is it possible to limit the global warming to “only” 2 degrees to year 2100?

We have to do something. All of us. New technologies have to be used.

At ECT Power we focus on environmental friendly energy solutions


In 2015, countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development  Goals. In 2016, the Paris Agreement on climate change entered into force, addressing the need to limit the rise of global temperatures.


At ECT Power we do understand the importance of changing to renewable. If you have questions about your challenge, our new technologies or want references  don´t hesitate to contact us.

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